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The Gilded Teapot in Dorchester

The Gilded Teapot – Dorset-based tea hunters

The Gilded Teapot in Dorchester, Dorset, is fast becoming one of the UK’s leading loose leaf tea specialists and coffee merchants, sourcing from independent tea gardens and coffee plantations from all over the world.

Jo Davies founded The Gilded Teapot ( in 2010 at the age of 25. She was disillusioned with the bland supermarket brands and wanted to help people make the connection between what they drink and where it comes from. Since opening her popular tea shop in an old tobacconist’s and creating her online shop, sales have soared.  Jo now posts a wide variety of teas and coffees to customers across the UK, as far away as Canada, Estonia and San Francisco.

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The Fine Life Tea Infuser and Oil Mister

The Fine Life launches in the UK

Following significant success in the US and five-star reviews on Amazon, The Fine Life is launching its highly popular Tea Infuser / Coffee Brewer and Oil Mister in the UK.

The Fine Life Ideal Tea Infuser and Coffee Brewer

The Fine Life Ideal Tea Infuser and Coffee Brewer with its patented drain mechanism, releases more flavour than instant coffee or tea bags.

Just add loose tea or coffee and hot water for one or two people. Steeping tea or coffee expands and floats and the fine mesh strainer contains the leaves or grounds, eliminating the need for expensive and wasteful plastic pods or coffee liners. Watch as it steeps to the desired strength before dripping straight into the cup. The extender ring, which is included, means the Infuser will drain into a cup or mug of any size.

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Mother’s Day wishes come true with

Evidence shows that mums are often having to organise their own Mother’s Day treats (32% of mothers), and that there is a clear disparity between what children plan to buy their mum (top answer – flowers at 57%) and what mums actually want (a hug, something home-made or a lie-in).

This year, a free website,, is helping mothers get the recognition they deserve on their special day. Mums can create a wish list for all the things they want, be it shop-bought or home-made and share it through one simple email or social media. Unlike other online wish lists, mothers can also leave a trail of visual clues to stoke loved ones’ imaginations – their favourite perfumes, chocolates or flowers, or simply the idea of breakfast in bed.

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The secret to getting the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day has revealed the secret to getting the perfect Valentine’s gift. It’s simple, yet incredibly effective – tell your partner what you want. But rather than specifying exact items and almost doing the shopping for them, there is a new way to leave hints. is an innovative and free wish list site that allows you to leave a trail of visual clues hinting at your favourite things; meaning you still get a surprise at the end. is a treasure trove of desires all in one beautiful place. So this Valentine’s, you might stoke imaginations by building a list that shows your favourite colours, brands, perfumes and chocolates, or the way you like to unwind; whether in the bath with a glass of Champagne or sweating it out in a spin class. You can have fun creating a collection of gift ideas, prioritise items and then share it with whoever you wish.

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Anton Mosimann and Robert Simpson outside Mosimann's with BMC Bike

The world’s finest sportive food stops

Mosimann’s famous cuisine on offer at Etape Suisse 

Truly a first for cycling, Etape Suisse has raised the bar for all sportives by partnering with Mosimann’s, the private dining club in London’s Belgrave Square, owned and run by Swiss chef, Anton Mosimann OBE, to offer riders what must be the world’s finest food stops.

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