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Client Coverage: Revolve24 in the Daily Express

A blind veteran who battled a brain tumour, a cracked skull and two bouts of meningitis is set to tackle Revolve24, the 24-hour cycling challenge on the world-class Brands Hatch motor circuit, to raise funds and awareness for the military charity that supported him in his darkest days.

Darren Blanks, 31, from Egremont, Cumbria, an Iraq war veteran, was only 23 years old when he noticed he was having trouble reading a magazine. Darren went into his local Specsavers, expecting to leave with his first pair of glasses and instead had his life turned around when he was diagnosed with both a brain tumour that made him partially deaf and a rare genetic disease that would rob him of his vision.

Read his story in the Daily Express here.

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Client coverage: KiteWorldWide in the Guardian

Striking out holidaying on your own needn’t be lonely or expensive. The Guardian rounded up group trips that increasingly cater for solo travellers and waive single premiums. JellyRock’s client KiteWorldWide featured and the article got their bookings line ringing.

Read the article here.

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Why every business owner needs professional corporate photography

We live in a visual world. It’s never been truer that a picture speaks a thousand words. There is so much written content and visual content online that striking pictures are often the only things that cut through the white noise of the Internet. That means that every business owner needs to invest in professional corporate photography.

Everything is instant and on social media. You’re missing a trick if you don’t have a personal profile online. Some business owners are initially hesitant to have a public profile and to put their head above the parapet (or in a picture), however, it’s now essential.

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Client coverage: Blackstone Consultancy in Spear’s Magazine

Drones are getting smaller, smarter and sneakier – and regulation protects them from you, rather than you from them. Spear’s Magazine eyed the aerial battle and interviewed JellyRock client Blackstone Consultancy for their expertise on all things security for high net worth individuals and organisations.


Read the article here.

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FFS! Stop trying to game Google and just write good quality content

So, today, (Thursday 18 Jan), HuffPost US announced it is closing its contributor platform. HuffPost say this is because, with the

“proliferation of social media and self-publishing platforms across the web, people have many more opportunities to share their thoughts and opinions online.

“At the same time, the quantity and volume of noise mean truly being heard is harder than ever. Those who are willing to shout the loudest often drown out new, more-deserving voices. The same has proven to be true on our own platform.”


I tweeted the news and then had a Twitter conversation with Chris Countey, US-based SEO Consultant, that I found really insightful (and depressing). Chris told me he was happy the platform was closing down, due to the relentless amount of sales tweets, LinkedIn messages and emails from HuffPost contributors trying to sell him HuffPost links.

Chris’ view was that Google probably caught on to what was going on and told HuffPost to stop the practice or risk the whole platform being blacklisted by Google.

Sure, this is all speculation. And SEO has always been about the commercial pursuit of backlinks through content. After all, I work in PR and so I know the true value of how content can boost SEO rankings. But what struck me as particularly dismal about this situation is the shoddiness and cheapness of what was being sold to Chris, and countless other SEO people like him.

Chris says:

“[This] happens in our industry all the time. People game the system and it works for a while. But what will those people tell their clients when it stops working and their sites lose visibility?”

It all just stinks a bit. Try to game the market and it sinks. Sub-prime mortgages led to a phenomenal worldwide financial crash. Email spam and poor marketing tactics by charities led to GDPR legislation. Gaming Google just leads to a new algorithm.

This HuffPost situation just goes to show that SEO and content marketing CANNOT be about gaming Google and finding short-cuts. It’s short-term thinking and only lasts until Google changes the rules.

SEO seems to be caught in a continuous boom and bust bubble.

FFS! Stop it.

Instead of gaming the system, just go back to basics and answer your audience’s questions. Create good quality stuff that people want to read, watch, listen to, engage with and share. It’s really not that difficult, but it takes work.

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